Saturday, January 2, 2010

Radio Interview on De's Birthday (Jan 20th) with Amie Flanagan in Georgia!

On what would have been DeForest Kelley's 90th birthday -- January 20, 2010 -- I'll be a guest of Amie Flanagan on KSU Radio  ( in Georgia. Let all your De friends know.

The radio podcast will be live from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. Pacific Time (10-11:00 east coast time). It'll be available afterward, too, since it's a podcast.

Amie wrote me about three years ago to thank me for writing the first book about De (HARVEST). She lives very near where he grew up and when he passed away, she said she felt very lost until she came across my book and was finally able to "meet" the man she had so admired. She wrote me a beautiful letter about what De and my book meant to her.

Now she's a communications major and radio personality. Her program is called "Story with Amie" at her alma mater, Kennesaw State University. She has interviewed a lot of intriguing folks; read all about them at the KSU website. She also has a "Story with Amie" Facebook page, if you want to look that up and join in. Let her know you're a De fan! 

I'll be reading an excerpt or two from my first book. If you have any questions about De, writing, animals, or my books that you want her to ask me, let her or me know. There's no call-in number and no chat room, so you need to ask us soon in order to have your question answered or your comments heard during the program.

I think that's everything you need to know about the upcoming program. If not, shoot me a "comment" and let me know what I left out.  Thanks!

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