Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jesus and Me Up in the Clouds! Last Night's Dream

I had an amazing dream last night. In it, I was suddenly floating upward into the sky lying on a Kris-sized pillow -- one that was warm and supporting me from head to toe (and a little bit more on all sides) with its pristine white softness.

From the time I left the ground 'til I got about 20 feet up I was rightly concerned, thinking, "Gadzooks! Gravity has forsaken me alone and when it comes back, I am a dead duck!"

I quickly figured out that this particular "star trek" had to be a God thing, especially since I began to feel such emotional warmth and peace surrounding me. 


Being a Terran (translation: earth-dweller) I became a little concerned again as the pillow and I began to drift toward a veritable "city in the sky" of high-voltage electrical wires.  My first inclination was to "scootch down" as I approached them to be sure I didn't come into contact, but the Holy Spirit reminded me, "I brought you up here -- surely you don't believe I'm going to fry you, do you?"  

I smiled at that... and relaxed completely. Yeah. I got that. 

Not long after, what looked like a drone or a probe (I figured from NORAD) came over and buzzed around, apparently trying to figure out the strange apparition, so I got a little concerned again (since I don't look much like Santa Claus or an airliner...)

Apparently, NORAD decided I was a benign apparition and the probe went away. 

I floated around like that for the longest time, just looking down on God's green earth in its many manifestations -- oceans, lakes, mountains, streams -- before I was finally lowered lovingly to the original starting point.

Still dreaming, I was hesitant to tell anyone about my "trip," of course, figuring no one would believe it for an instant, but then Jackie came to me and said she had just had the same experience except that while she was airborne she had been "given"  (spiritually) a song. She sang it to me, sounding eerily like like Whitney Houston.  I told her, "You have to go to church with me and sing this song!  It's fantastic!" (How I wish I could remember its lyrics and melody now that I'm awake!) She looked at me dubiously, like "You and who's army is going to drag me anywhere to admit to this experience?" but I countered her frown with and furrowed brow with, "Jackie, you've been involved in a miracle. You have to share your experience!"

Of course, I knew what she was thinking: "Other people will think I'm nuts if I tell them I was floating around on a giant pillow gathering song lyrics and a melody!" because I, too, was afraid of sharing my own, equally-miraculous (but alas, less creative) "flight."

I'm guessing this dream was a message from my Lord: "I have shared so many miracles with you all your life, and you're keeping most of them to yourself. What are you afraid of?  Nothing can defeat you as long as I have your back."

So today I'm pondering ways in which I have kept miracles, blessings and spiritual visitations to myself in order not to be regarded as "looney tunes."  The list is substantial and it's pathetic.

I'm sharing the first with you now: last night's dream. How do you interpret it?  Do you have other interpretations for it that I may be missing? I sure would love to hear them, if so.

God sure has a way of getting my attention at times. It's why I became a born-again Christian eleven years ago. (No, not because of a dream -- because of an ongoing interaction with the Holy Spirit while I was 100% awake... for several days running.)

How many visitations and experiences have you had that you're keeping under wraps?  Am I the only one?  I'm thinking we ought to write an e-book and "let it all hang out."

After all, that's the primary reason we writers were selected from on high to be passionate about stringing words together:


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