Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Haven't Been Lazy -- I've Been Swamped!

When it rains at Elance, it pours!  I'm not complaining, but it makes it hard to keep my blogs updated, that's for sure!

I just landed a $2K project copy-enhancing a website and writing a couple of email letters. I've developed two more "regulars" who use me more or less every few days and I'm writing blogs for both of them (or will be shortly). I've also done about a half dozen quick projects -- an hour or so in length -- for about $65/each. 

It looks like 2010 is the year I finally make some serious money since leaving Warner Bros. seven years ago.  It has been a helluva long haul but has been worth every last minute of the uphill battle. I'm no longer wondering if I have what it takes as a copywriter, editor, ghostwriter, tag line/slogan writer, article writer.  The feedback has all been fantastic. It is an exhilarating time for me.

This week I'll be critter-sitting again most of the week, working from someone else's computer. I'm trying to remember what I need to take. Most of the work files are resident at Elance, so I can access those, but I have a couple other clients who are independent of Elance and their stuff resides on my PC and on theirs. I have to be sure they get the latest version of whatever it is we're working on so we can continue during the week while I'm off-site...

I will miss the puppies!!!!  They have brought such joy and smiles into my life. I wasn't expecting quite the kick I get out of them, for some reason.

Oh!  The other morning (1-19-10) I awoke to the most amazing sunrise in my back yard that I have ever witnessed. I raced outside with my camera and captured almost 30 photos as the sky changed colors, as clouds moved and as silhouetted trees morphed.  They turned out so great that I contacted a professional video/print image fellow I know (a client) and sent them to him. He's going to offer some of them for sale. I don't know which ones yet, so I'm not going to give you a preview of any of them here YET -- but when he has them up, I will give you his website URL and you can go take a look. I know you're going to want one.  I mean... I was undone by the beauty of that sunrise.  I look at my slideshow of it at least once a day and remember, "I was there, witnessing it as it happened..."

They're truly one-of-a-kind photos. Wait'll you see them...

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