Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Too, Too Funny!

I had to send a handwriting sample to a prospective Elance buyer to see if we'd be compatible as partners in a project he had listed online. So I dutifully faxed over a sample.

He reported back that although he had already settled on another service provider who had a background in legal and handwriting analysis, he wanted me to know that I should cross my T's and make my below-line letters longer or else I might lose jobs because the way I write indicates that I'm "low energy and very reserved."


(For those of you who know me, you said, "HUH?!!" too, didn't you?)

I'm like Garfield's little dog buddy Odie or like Tigger in the "energy" and "reserved" departments, fer gosh sakes!

I was carefully trained to write properly, very, very legibly, and not to "fancify" unnecessarily. I just about spit my iced tea across the table when I read I had been diagnosed as reserved and low energy based on my handwriting!

People have for years been telling me to "chill out," "settle down," "take time to smell the roses," so I'm about as far from low energy as... as.... as a spinning top or a cyclone. And perhaps I am reserved down deep (I'm admitted painfully shy), but I'm so good at hiding it ("acting the part") that when I tell people I'm shy, they laugh -- no, they guffaw!

My handwriting has gotten smaller and more cramped over the years but that's because I'm almost 58 years old. My personality and energy level haven't changed anywhere near as much as my hand ligaments and muscles have, because I keyboard now much more frequently than I write by hand, so I'm kinda rusty when I write by hand, and certainly less flamboyant -- because when I "flamboy," I can't read what I write anymore!

So this fellow was off the mark in discerning my core nature and energy level based on my penmanship. I wrote a reply to him to let him know (with all due respect), but couldn't send it because his project had already been awarded and all interaction cuts off at that point unless I'm the one chosen.

So I'll joke about it here and hope that all handwriting analysts will learn a thing or two from the anecdote. We "older people" with high energy and keyboards are not being "analyzed" properly by some of you folks.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll take my reserved body to bed and have a nap!

(That was a punchline! A joke to end a silly subject!)


hwexpert said...

I'd love to see a sample of your handwriting to see why he came to this conclusion. Though if as you say you really are very shy and just hide it well your writing will indicate the shyness.

Kristine M Smith said...

E me at KRISTINE M SMITH AT MSN DOT COM (run all the words together) with your fax number and I'll fax you a sample of my writing. You can see if you concur.

No charge, right?


Anonymous said...

You are still young, but here is a quote I seen after reading this blogpost that made me think of you...
“The error of youth is to believe that intelligence is a substitute for experience, while the error of age is to believe that experience is a substitute for intelligence.” Lyman Bryson (1888 – 1959) ...

I am the mother of a young lady who follows you: Selena Rogers, please keep her in your prayers as she was diagnosed with leukemia just the other day.

Kristine M Smith said...

I certainly will keep Selena Rogers in my prayers. I hope everyone who reads this comment will, too. Please let me know how she's doing, or have her contact me directly at KRISTINE M SMITH AT MSN DOT COM.