Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mimosa Yellow is the Color of 2009


This is intriguing.

Pantone has delegated mimosa yellow as the color for 2009. June 11, 2009 will mark the tenth anniversary of De's passing, and do you remember why there's a yellow balloon on the back cover of my 2001 book about De (DeForest Kelley: A Harvest of Memories)? It's altogether too weird a coincidence, is it not, that on the tenth anniversary of his passing, yellow should be the color for the year?

I guess this means I ought to get busy wrapping up my next De book, THE ENDURING LEGACY OF DeFOREST KELLEY: ACTOR, HEALER, FRIEND. I put a deadline of March 5th, 2009 as the last day for contributions, so guess I'd better stick to that and get the thing put to bed, so it's out in time for June 11, 2009.

There's just one problem. I don't have as many fan/friend/co-worker contributions for it as I ought to have. In fact, all I have so far are fan contributions. No one else has stepped forward (family, friends, co-workers) to contribute to the book. That's weird.

Maybe they just don't know about the new book. I'll see if I can get Terry Rioux to put a bug in people's ears. Oh! And I have one other avenue I can try, too. I'll see how that works out...

I can still finish it; there are a lot more of my own experiences that I can add to the mix. But my vision for the book was to get others to pitch in and give me unique perspectives, so that remains my focus until March 5th -- then I'll go it alone and wrap it up using what I can from my own memories and files.

That reminds me. I had a dream the other night that I was supposed to be making another appearance at a STAR TREK convention. In the dream, I decided not to write out a speech (as I have always done before) and to just jot down some notes to remind myself of some areas to cover... but in the dream as I was jotting notes, I jumped ahead and then tried to come back to another point and couldn't remember what it was. The more I tried to remember what it was, the more I panicked. So then I asked Jackie (my sister) to tell me what she figured was "most important" about my association with the Kelleys (hoping she would come up with the point I couldn't remember) and she looked at me as if I had two heads. That was very disconcerting and scary, because I thought, "I have to speak in a little while and I can't remember my main point!" Weird, weird, weird!

Hey, here's an idea! Why don't each of you ask me what you still want to know about De that you don't already know... That'll give me fodder for the new book and something else to talk about if I ever appear again to talk about him! It might be kinda fun working that way! You might trip some synapses that I can't trip myself.

And Billie Rae, you and I ought to work together again on a remembrance so that when the tenth anniversary does come around, we'll have something ready to submit, syndicate, podcast, or something...

C'mon, all you De Fans: get me moving again in a De direction so I have some accountability here, okay?

In other news:

Critter-sitting went well. It was a bit lonely out there, but next time I go out there will be an Internet connection, so I can stay in touch and keep working via Elance. I never realized how much of my day takes place in front of a PC until I was without one for three days! Thank God I took Doris Kearns Goodwin's TEAM OF RIVALS along or I would have gone nuts. I was about halfway through it (it's a HUGE volume, about Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet) and managed to finish it while out yonder. I also caught a couple segments of Ellen Degeneres, Dr Phil and Oprah (since there was no news cable channel on their TV that I could find), but regular TV leaves me pretty cold, so I shut it off and just read, when I wasn't petting indoor dogs (three), giving "cookies" (milk bone treats) to outdoor dogs (three), or checking up on the gelding and two mares in the pasture. I was pretty bored out there! It's a FABULOUS place, and the critters were cuddly and cute, but my solitary days are OVER. I'm so glad I live one door frame away from Jackie these days, I can't even express it.

I'm an "only" no more!

Missed my kitties and guinea pigs, too!

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