Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like CHRISTMAS!

Snow is accumulating outside. We've had a fireplace crackling for several days now because the temperatures dropped into the mid 20's -- too cold for snow until today.

It's 34 right now and we're supposed to get up to six inches of the white stuff before eventide. (Eventide? Hey, cut me some slack, will ya? I always talk funny during the Christmas holiday! T'is the season to be jolly... and Olde English-y... and I don't even drink eggnog, unless it's virgin.)

I have a haircut appointment at 5:30 but think my hairdresser will probably call to cancel it. She lives about 20 miles away (in deeper snow) and it would be foolish for her to come in -- or, if she does, to stay much past five. That might be good, because I'm also scheduled to have dinner with my Writer's Edge ministry partner Yvonne Olson ... again, weather and road conditions permitting.

I may (or may not) be scarce over the next several days here in the blogosphere. I accepted an assignment that will take a 40 hour week (to start), and two more projects may come up alongside that one (for a 50 page e-book and something else). So even my spare time might get engulfed. I'll certainly get by here as often as I can.. fear not! (There we go again, getting biblical! "Fear Not... I bring you tidings of great joy. For unto us is born this day in the City of David a savior...")

There's a problem with the 40 hour project, though... it seems every time I logon to do it, something at the other end cues my PC to download a software program, which I cancel, of course! (The buyer said that's not supposed to happen, and she's looking into it.) When I try to access it another way, a replicator reproduces the buyer's home page hundreds of times and freezes up my computer! So if the buyer can't figure out what that's all about, I will be backing out of that project. It would be sad, because it could be an ongoing assignment as many hours a week as I want to commit to doing it, and it would be a great "filler" job whenever I don't have something else that pays better to do... It would be PERFECT for that! It's a n0- brainer (commenting on a specific blog) and doesn't pay much, but it would pay my part of the mortgage and my other monthly bills, so it's worth pursuing, if we can just figure out what the bug is!)

Back to the weather: My half of the house is much cooler than Jackie's end, so we have the door open between the two halves, with a large fan blowing heat from her side into mine. Even with that, it's just 66 degrees in my side (probably colder in this den, because it's located around two corners, so getting heat back here is problematic).

Aunt Tod left me a corner "radiator" but before I drag it out from the shed, I have to go online and look up its serial number/model number and see if it was recalled by the manufacturer. I know one of the Wal-Mart radiators was (fire hazard), so I want to be careful. Don't want to burn the place down getting a few degrees warmer! 64-66 degrees is shirt sleeve weather (in the summer). Why does it seem so much colder when there's snow or ice outside? Methinks it's psychological. My brains are playing tricks on me.

(If that's the case, why are my fingers thinking about the ecstacy of gloves?)

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