Thursday, December 11, 2008

Havah: The Story of Eve

I was skeptical that Tosca Lee would be able to catch lightning in a bottle twice after the debut of her first novel, DEMON: A MEMOIR, but my skepticism was for nought...

She has written another amazing chronicle. Read it and feel -- to the very core of your being --what it was like for Eve to lose Eden with a single bad decision.

You'll never hear the story any other way after experiencing it in this way. That's a promise!


Tosca said...


Thank you so much for reading Havah and for posting about it! I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Kristine M Smith said...


Thanks for e'ing me! I'm a huge fan and can't wait for your next book!

Some of our church members are going to be meeting on March 7th to discuss DEMON: A MEMOIR. I loaned it to one of my pastors; he loved it and mentioned it to his Bible Study (Life of CHrist) class, so a lot of people there bought (or borrowed) it and now want to get together to discuss it. I'll take HAVAH along when I go to let them know you have a new one out that I love just as much!

Blessings for being such a blessing to others!