Monday, December 1, 2008

The sun just burst through the clouds here -- it looks like summer! Of course, if I step out the door I'll be quickly disabused of that notion. But it really has been a mild winter so far over here in God's country. I walked this morning with my Walkman headset on. T'was lovely.

Last night I happened upon PBS and found Andy Williams Christmas program retrospectives... ahhhh... lost myself in the glow of forty year old memories... Today's kids are really missing out, with the kind of stuff they get these days.

I'm preparing Jackie to take care of my critters while I care for someone else's. It won't take much. Cats pretty much take care of themselves since they can go outside to do their thing in the back woods (and do). I'll just leave a big dish of food out and a lot of water for the cats... put a lot of hay in the guinea pig cage (they have a water bottle), and she can throw some kale or a carrot in every day to keep them squealing with delight. They're growing like weeds -- as are the kids who are enjoying them so much every weekend!

Just got another Elance job. Gotta jump off and serve my customer! Ciao for now!

Holiday hugs galore!

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