Thursday, April 24, 2008

Puhleeze People -- Check Out Re Barack Obama!

Some very intelligent, very wonderful people I know are utterly aghast because I am backing Obama for President (or Clinton, should she become the nominee of the party). They are sending me all kinds of rumors about the man: that he's secretly a Muslim, that he hates America, that he has renounced white America, etc. etc. etc. (He's half white, was raised by a white single mother and a white grandmother. Renouncing whites would be quite a slick trick!)

Puhleeze, all Americans (and anyone else following this blog or planning to vote in November for our next President): go to right now and type Barack Obama into the search field. Every rumor and innuendo that is being expressed about him can be found there, and will be confirmed or debunked.

I believe this man is going to be our next Commander in Chief and I would hate to see anyone harboring any suspicions about him for which there is not one scintilla of evidence.

He's a good American. As is Senator Clinton. As is John McCain.

I implore you -- vote your conscience... vote your party... but please refrain from forwarding emails that cast aspersions on any of the candidates which have been debunked and shown to be urban legends at Forwarding lies is not a proper or intelligent way to influence people who are trying to make a good decision as to who should be our next President.

I am soooooooooo sick of the crap being spread about all three candidates. Get a newspaper. Watch different cable channels. Listen to the candidates. Then pray and make up your own mind.

Americans of all stripes need to stop slandering the patriots who step forward to lead this land.

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