Saturday, April 5, 2008

Legislative District Caucus Report...

Spent three and a half hours this morning and afternoon at Lincoln High School in Tacoma, where the 29th Legislative District Caucuses were held. As an alternate, not a delegate, I sat through a lot of preliminaries to find out whether any of the delegates from my legislative district (29-532) failed t0 show up for the caucus. Since they all came, there was nothing left for me to do, because as an "un-seated" alternate (with no one to substitute for), I couldn't vote on the people wanting to move forward as delegates to the next step, so I skipped their self-nominating speeches and came home. While I was there, though, I had a whee of a time chatting with fellow Obama supporters and a few Clinton supporters. I feel sure we'll all unite under whichever of the two candidates wins the Democratic nomination to become the Presidential candidate for the party.

In my legislative district, 120+ Obama supporters (out of approximately 237 total) wanted to move forward and become delegates to the upcoming state and national conventions, but there are only twenty spots for delegates and 10 for alternates... so I figured that many of those who didn't get voted in as continuing delegates would then like to become alternates. Since I didn't have any designs on going on to the state or national conventions, I decided to take myself out of contention even as an alternate and let those who are chomping at the bit (to go all the way to Denver) to have the opportunity they so desperately want.

It was an easy decision for me. I can support either of the two Democratic nominees. I prefer Obama -- I think he's much better at uniting people than Clinton; and, while 73% of those polled say they are ready for a black President, only 67% say they are ready for a woman President. For these reasons, and a lot more, I feel Obama has the best chance to beat McCain in November.

I like McCain as a person and certainly honor him as a war hero and statesman; I just don't think he knows enough about the economy (for starters), and I disagree with his stand on the most pressing issues of the day. I also want this to be the year that America goes beyond "only white men can become President." I want to see that "glass ceiling" broken for everyone in America -- and while Hillary can break it for women, Barack can break it for everyone else who has ever been marginalized because of the color of their skin or their name.

We've already seen female world leaders -- Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, etc. And America has a lot of women governors now. It's just a matter of time before we see a woman President -- I just have a hard time believing it will be Hillary. (Even though I think she's pretty terrific personally.) A third Clinton term (especially with Bill as First Spouse -- almost frightening to consider!) is not a whole lot more appealing (to a great many voters) as is a third "Bush" term (read "McCain"). Not that McCain is by any means a clone, as the Dem talking heads try to convince us he is, but he's close enough to keep me at a distance, for sure. And Bush has come out for him -- which makes me very wary! (But then, who else could he come out for?) Anyone Bush wants, I don't! (Yes, I'm bitter and resentful over the many ways in which President Bush has driven our country into the ditch.)

Anyway... didn't intend to get on my soapbox... Bush won't be our next President -- HALLELUJAH!!!! -- so it's water under the bridge...

Study the issues, watch the candidates being grilled, and make an informed choice in November. I think the survival of this planet depends on it this time. We have a very small window of opportunity to curb global warming, turn the economy around, save Medicare and Social Security, get the lower and middle classes out of the ditch and back on the road, embrace our planet -- in a phrase, we need to move forward AS SOON AS JANUARY 20, 2009 to redeem what we can from the fiasco of the last eight years (and more, going backward three and a half decades to Watergate, off and on).

It's time!

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