Monday, April 21, 2008

Ooh-Whee! I Came in 18th out of 560+ !!!

My test results from the City of Tacoma Office Assistant exams were in the mailbox this morning when I went by the condo. I came in #18 in a field of more than 500 people! This is significant because potential employees are hired in order, and according to the fellow who gave us the exam, every department in the City uses Office Assistants -- some use more than one -- and so the rosters for these positions are gone through pretty fast. So I think I'll be called in soon for follow-up inteviews and testing, unless someone else swoops in and snatches me up first.

That's great news. I need to get back to work full-time, for sure. It has been a very long three months!

I've also heard back from the first client I served via He wants to use me for another couple of reasons (proofreading, a press release and an article about the business) so I'll be working on those as soon as I get the gig officially and the talking points. I've also bid on several other possible projects at Elance, and it looks as though at least a couple of those will fall to me.

I'm very grateful for the opportunity to keep my hand in the writing field evenings and weekends. Eventually, if I build up a large clientele (which will likely take a few years), I may be able to "fly solo" and hire myself full-time as a copywriter. Now, that would be sweet! It pays a whole lot better than any other job I've done in the past, and I love every moment I'm doing it! So, we'll see what God has in mind for me.

At least I've taken the leap of faith that had to be taken. I'm so glad I spent a year as an in-the-trenches copywriter, writing for hundreds of different clients, so I could pole-vault over the "fear factor" wall that seemed to be emblazoned with the question, "CAN YOU DO IT?"

Yes, I Can -- to steal a well-known Obama (and Sammy Davis Jr) phrase!!! I can do it! WAHOO!

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