Saturday, April 26, 2008

And We'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun !!!!

Today has been a whirlwind filled with fun, fun, fun -- and it isn't over yet!

Jackie and I started out the morning visiting with two old school chums of hers (Melody Griffin nee Ruhl and Lillian Rogalski nee ???) up near Seattle. After that two hour breakfast-time visit, Jackie and I loaded our bikes and went on a 15 mile bike ride on the Orting Trail (while Wendy and her mom Sue Rebar walked four miles along the same path). Now we're awaiting a call to head over to Sue and George Rebar's for an outdoor campfire that promises a lot more fun, including hot dogs and s'mores. So you might call this "Kid Day" at the Smiths -- we've behaved like kids all day land loved every blasted moment of it. That doesn't happen enough in middle age; or at least is hasn't for me. I can take life waaaayyy too seriously at times.

We need to be sure it happens more often. I feel ten years younger and a whole lot more chipper than I have in quite some time.

The call just came in -- it's time to go to the campfire! WHEEE!!!!!!!

Try it! You'll love it!

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