Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's A'Happenin'

For an unemployed person, I sure have been busy lately! Today I renewed my driver's license for another five years and walked an aerobic three miles (so far) in my house (to the accompaniment of the first of Leslie Sanson's Walk at Home Walking Slim DVD) ... and it's just past noon in my time zone.

I went to Torchbearer's (the elder set at Church ForAll Nations) yesterday from ten to noon for the first time, but not for the last time, unless I get a job right away and can't go again. Tonight I plan to go to church for the women's ministry get-together, and tomorrow night I'll go to a potluck at Pastor and Mrs. Wuerch's in the evening.

The spiritual support I receive right now (from both heavenly and earthly realms) is very helpful. No matter how "worthy" a person feels on a regular basis, when they lose their job it can be more than a little depressing! I'm fortunate to have lots of emotional support from all around the globe at a time like this. It keeps me feeling more peaceful than I would otherwise, for sure! And hopeful. I know I'm in God's will for this time in my life. So whatever happens next will be a definite step forward in my ability and willingness to "let go and let God" direct my steps.

This week I also attended Casey's basketball game. Last week I attended both games she played.

It's a heap of fun to watch seven year olds play basketball... and to see how quickly they improve over the course of just a few games. This year the teams are co-ed, so the girls are getting a dose of male competitiveness. It has kicked their own adrenaline into high gear as well, making them much better than I think they would be otherwise.

The weather outside my window is downright frigid. It drops into the low twenties (Fahrenheit) at night and rarely gets above freezing in the daytime right now. This is unusual for this neck of the woods.

The interesting thing to note is that there are buds on trees and bushes already, and ducks and geese that should be flying south are flying north again -- so even before Pauxatawny Phil pokes his head out of his burrow in Pennsylvania on Groundhog Day, I am going to prophesy that spring is on the way. My cats are shedding again; that's a dead giveaway too.

There isn't a lot else to report, which is why you haven't heard much from me lately. I was very sad to hear about Heath Ledger's death... I didn't know a thing about him before he died, never having seen any of his portrayals, but Hollywood is really down-hearted at the news in a way I don't often see, so he must have been quite the actor with decades' worth of potential. It's always sad when a young person dies... and it seems to be happening so often in the Hollywood crowd these days. I surely anticipate more, unless the drug culture there is vanquished.

I'm pretty ticked off at what lengths the Clintons are going to in order to discredit Barack Obama. I think it's going to backfire on them. They need to lighten up. I like both Hillary and Barack, but think Hillary is too divisive a person to lead as well as Barack might. Too many people really find her repulsive. Again, I don't understand why they do; I just know they do. Barack doesn't have that kind of baggage. He has given people real hope. He's a tipping point candidate.

I continue to pray that the best candidate will get into the White House, whoever God deems the best candidate to be. Only God can see into candidates' hearts and minds, and only God knows what will be coming against the U.S. during the next decade... I just hope that whoever the candidates are on both sides will be someone we all, as Americans and as citizens of the world, can be proud of. It has been far too long since that has been the case...

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Boy, does that hit home! Thanks for the post.

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