Friday, January 4, 2008

Caucus Results...

Obama and Huckabee won the Ohio caucases last night. Gads, if they end up being the candidates, it will be a hard choice, even though I’m a Democrat. I like them both. (I guess that means I’d vote Democrat… unless I discern something between now and then that just won’t fly in either of the two Democrats.)

I’d love to see the race/gender barrier broken this time out… and Clinton (although she’s less well-liked than her hubby) is probably the woman most likely to do it. Barack Obama is certainly the man to do it. It’s real hard not to like him. He’s not as experienced as other contenders, but he’s smart and will gather around him a Cabinet that is and that will advise him wisely (lots of Clintonites and others, I’m sure… if they don’t turn him down… which would be dumb and viewed as sour grapes).

I’d love to see an Obama ticket with Edwards or Clinton as the VP (or vice versa, if Obama loses his first place ranking). And if Huckabee and McCain hooked up for the Republican ticket, I’d be happy with that ticket, too.

At least in either case we’d have leaders that America could be proud of again! I am so sick of the way the present administration has besmirched the planet and our reputation in the world. It’s sadly pathetic. He’ll go down as the worst President ever… and that’s a shame, but he just refused to be anything more than his own self-(and-cronies) centered worst, until relatively recently when he decided that maybe “his way or the highway” isn’t the most prudent course for the planet. He’s even warming to the threat of global warming – a freaking MIRACLE in itself!

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