Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Demon" A Powerful Read!

I’m reading a work of fiction (horrors! What’s the world coming to?) called DEMON, by a fantastic first-time author. It’s incredibly good. It’s about a guy who meets a demon and finds out what it’s like to know you’re damned, from the demon’s point of view. The author is a Christian and she has done a wonderful job of making it seem real, and creepy, even sad! It’s no wonder demons are out to grab a few more of us in any way they can. It’s gonna be lonely separated from God with just other demons – they want some "human" companionship when they get where they’re going!

When you get into the storehouse of cherubim and seraphim information and the place they hold in the hierarchy, it seems weird to think they would ever want to be anywhere else, but those who saw Lucifer as "shining perfection" (the way God made him) and decided to worship him (a created being) rather than the Creator made a choice to go that way because it seemed harmless to do so – as we all do when something or someone "outshines" our Creator in today’s world – whether it’s riches, celebrities, stuff, whatever…

I’ve been guilty of it myself … at times on a weekly basis. I always repent as soon as I realize I’m heading in that dangerous direction.

It’s not always easy to remember that the only One worthy of our worship and efforts is God. Because he’s invisible and usually quiet, it’s easy to forget unless we keep a mantra going inside us: "O Worship the King…. Lord of heaven and earth."

Who else can measure up, after all? Only He who made the heavens, the cosmos, the things seen and unseen, the atoms, microbes, cells, sinew, hair, land, waters is worthy of awe and worship.
There are some amazing things in the world, and people, but all were created by God, all are His handiwork… so our gaze should extend beyond them.. to Him!

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