Friday, January 18, 2008

My New Book is Begun!

Its title is ENTHUSIASM, with a subtitle I won't be divulging right now. I've written the Foreword and will be adding to the book over the course of the next several weeks, as inspiration dictates. Its' about "following your bliss," something I'm endeavoring to do as I search for a new job, because I won't be happy for long if I keep putting off what God placed me here to do, which is: to encourage people to hope, trust and work toward their God-given goals, which are always disguised as "enthusiasms, passions, and callings."

I walked five miles today. It was chilly but I walked fast and worked up enough warmth to unzip my heavy jacket. My feet are sore right now; they're not used to that much walking all-at-once. I took two trips, an hour apart, to get to the five mile mark.

I want to remind De's fans to send me your reminiscences of him. I want to get my next De book published sometime before 2011, when the 45th anniversary or STAR TREK arrives. If I get enough additional contributions, I can publish it this year.

There just hasn't been enough "buzz" about it in TREK venues to let fans and co-stars know of their opportunity to contribute to it. I planned to mention it in Vegas during the "wrap-up" segment of my appearance, but the talk was amputated twenty minutes early and I had to leave out the mention of the upcoming book, THE ENDURING LEGACY OF DeFOREST KELLEY: ACTOR, HEALER, FRIEND. So if you have any clout in the TREK world, or know of anyone who does, please let them know I'd like to do an interview or podcast about De again so I can announce to fans that I need their contributions to complete the book. It's true that I could finish it myself, but my vision for it is that lots of fans will contribute. There are so many wonderful stories out there of ways in which De touched his fans and I want to include as many of them as I can... The contributions I've received already are terrific and I know there are a lot not yet written that should be written.

So get going!

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