Monday, January 7, 2008

Obama For Me!

I spent Saturday evening watching the Presidential candidates debate and then watched C-Span coverage at Jackie’s home on Sunday, and have decided that I am going to start visibly supporting Barack Obama’s candidacy (wearing T-shirts, putting bumper stickers on my car, etc.).

I like all four of the Democratic contenders and would vote for any of them should they be the party’s nominee. I like a couple of the Republican contenders, too, (Huckabee and McCain), but not as well as I like any of the four Democrats currently in the forefront.

I sense a renewed hope in America for America because of the Obama candidacy – something I haven’t felt since Robert Kennedy ran for President in 1968. I pray several times a day that Obama’s candidacy will not end as Bobby’s did – for if it does, I think the citizens of this country, black and white, will become utterly despondent for yet another significant period of time.

The American voice, in all its diversity, needs to be heard and I think Barack Obama is the candidate most likely to be its figurehead and founding father. He will gather around him the best and brightest and will know he needs to perform as perhaps no other President has, to establish once and for all that there should never again be a color barrier in this country -- to any position.

We’ve been in a political wilderness of sorts ever since Watergate. Very few Americans have the sense that politicians are little more than grown up-looking adolescents… almost gangs but lacking guns… so intent on fighting across the aisles that nothing ever gets done to heal and help America. I am sick and tired of it.

I like Hillary, and wish she were better liked, as her policies are sound and her dedication is huge, but I’m afraid that if she gets in, partisan bickering will be renewed and will continue unabated. It’s a real shame, because she’d be a terrific President and would break the gender barrier, but I just don’t see a lot of America rallying around her the way they have Obama.
I also like Edwards and Richardson, and would love to see all four Democratic candidates (and Bill Clinton) in Obama Administration positions, but the leader America needs now is Obama. He is drawing Dems, Republicans, Independents, young and old, into his camp – and that’s a good sign!

And I saw Obama’s wife on C-Span and she’s just as amazing as he is! I was riveted by her talk yesterday. She is charismatic, smart, wise, tough, tender and tenacious. She’ll be a phenomenal First Lady!

One of Obama’s bumper stickers reads "got hope?"

I do now, finally -- once again! When I see white-bread Ohio and New Hampshire voting for Barack Obama in the majority, it’s impossible to be as pessimistic as I have been for the past almost 35+ years.

The Hebrews spent 40 years in the wilderness before they were allowed into the Promised Land, mostly because of unbelief and bickering. (Sound familiar?)

God is at work. I think Obama will take us across the Jordan this time – as long as his Secret Service men and heavenly angels work hard to keep him safe.

I think he’s gonna win! And I think it will be a HUGE step forward for America!


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Carl Rylander said...

Over in England we're very interested too, Kristine.

Somehow, I don't think that my suggestion of Obama and Clinton as a double act would have been to likely to work. I don't think the right would be pleased! Either would do.

I don't think it's going to end the way RFK's stand did. I don't think he would even have gone for it if it would. Colin Powell backed out. Good luck to both of them!