Thursday, July 22, 2010

Surprise Coming This Weekend...

This weekend -- I hope by Saturday evening -- I will be able to unveil something I've been working on feverishly for five days. I'm waiting to make the announcement because I want to include photos of "the happening" -- and the happening isn't happening until Saturday morning sometime.

I'll give you a few hints:

I had to build a holding pen and enclose a portion of an outlying wood shed (see above photo) to accommodate the newest members of the family.

They're four month old twins. Identical twins, I think. (I couldn't tell them apart when Jackie and I went to look at them last weekend.)

They're mammals.

They're awfully cute... and I've never had one of their kind before. (Now, THAT limits the field by a bunch because I've had cats, dogs, skunks, ferrets, hawks, horses, cattle, sheep, a serval, and more!)

It has taken me four whole days to dig fence posts, stretch wire, get some "play toys," buy feeders and frame and enclose  a shed for these critters. I'm sore, bruised, scraped, burned, battered -- and wildly excited.  It's costing a small bundle but the idea is to help Jackie with some of her outdoor work on the periphery of our property.

Have you guessed the species, yet?

If not (or even if so), you'll be able to meet our newest family members just two days from now... so, stay tuned!


MJ said...

sounds like goats!!

Kristine M Smith said...

BINGO! Thanks for stopping by today to welcome them!

MJ said...

Hey I had fun!

Kristine M Smith said...

Me, too! Thanks for stopping by to meet the girls!