Sunday, July 25, 2010

Goat Antics....

This afternoon I put the goats on a common, long rope and took them for a walk.  As soon as they started following me reliably, I dropped the rope and started running like a madwoman away from them.  They bleated and took off after me as though thinking I was trying to abandon them! I ran into their pen -- they followed. I ran out of their pen -- they followed.

So I'm officially "Mama Goat" tonight. WOO HOO!!! Jackie will see if she can catch us in action with a video camera tonight or later this week. If so, I'll attach it here so we can share the smiles with y'all...  You really gotta see it to appreciate it.

Following "MomGoat Kris" FAST to the holding pen

Laverne and Shirley in Action Close-Up