Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Laverne and Shirley (Not Twins After All)

From Top to Bottom

Kris and Laverne
Kris and Shirley
Casey and Shirley

One of the twins had a rash on her udder, so the seller didn't want to send her home with us. Jackie chose the red/brown goat as her replacement, since she knew I loved and wanted the red goat but just didn't want to break up identical twin sisters. We've named the girls Laverne & Shirley, at least for now.  (Another geat idea was Mocha and Latte, but Laverne & Shirley gave us such a laugh that we're probably keeping those names. My niece/Jackie's daughter-in-law Wendy came up with both pairs of names. Clever lady, huh?!)

The red/brown one is Laverne.

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