Monday, February 22, 2010

Mutual Admiration Society Now in Session!


I received this lovely email -- which I will treasure FOREVER -- from Karen and Wally Dobbs. And even though  it's as flattering to me as anything I can imagine, I have to share it anyway... because it also reveals the quality of THEIR hearts and minds as much as it reveals anything else: (shared with permission, of course!)

Dear Kris,

Thank YOU soooooooooooooo much for persisting in your search to find us. I feel it was in God's timing that this happened at this time. I still can't understand how someone on Facebook could know that one of us worked in a dental lab (actually, I didn't make dentures but learned to wax up crowns and bridges as the foundation for the metal work). I went on Facebook only as a request from a teacher that I knew who moved to California. I don't keep up with people that way and have never explained that job with anyone on Facebook. I guess I just don't know the possibilities of how information is shared. I certainly don't mind anyone knowing that I worked in a dental lab. It just amazes me that you found us that way!

We THOROUGHLY enjoyed our time of sharing with you. You are such a genuine, loving, compassionate, thoughtful woman of God. You didn't say too much (as you indicated on your email). We kept asking you questions and you were sharing and explaining the answers to the questions we asked. Thank you for being so easy to be around and for making us feel so special, a part of your life. That was such an encouragement. 

I have read two of your books and will finish the 3rd one tonight. Sorry that I did not respond to your email until now. I wanted to read and tell you how much I have enjoyed your style of writing. I can't really explain it all in this email, but when we meet again we can share. You are such an enthusiatic, thoughtful, wise, funny, author. I was laughing out loud and close to tears in other places in your books. You touch the deepest parts of my heart with your honest, authentic viewpoints on life. Thank you for sharing your love for people, animals, and especially for God.

At this point, Wally would like to get together after March. We have several things going on that month. You are so gracious and we do want to get together. Thank you for understanding. Everyone you touch must be so encouraged and blessed, as we were on Saturday.


PHIL. 1:3 I thank my God every time I remember you.


Karen and Wally

Yeah... it made me cry... OF COURSE!!! 

It's so great to have made that kind of impression, because I was more than a little concerned that I was making a complete fool of myself with my ebullience for reconnecting with them again -- but it wasn't anything I could hide, even with a two-ton hat and cape!

To paraphrase Sally Fields (who probably wishes I wouldn't!), "They like me! They really like me!" (and.. OMG... my books, too!!!)


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