Sunday, February 21, 2010

In Tribute to Eddie Albert Jr, by Margot Worthington

Edward Albert (son of Eddie Albert the actor and activist) died in 2006 after expending all his energy by his father's side during his final days. He would have been 59 years old today. I've always considered him sort of a virtual brother because he was only 8 days younger than me, his mom's name was Margo and he did so many of the things in his life that I would have liked to do. I wish I could have known him in person. I wrote him a long letter after reading some articles about how he cared for his Dad.....I hope he got it before he passed away.

(info about Edward)

Here's something he wrote (Tia is his daughter, by the way):

Last year on his birthday, Tia posted something that he wrote called "Walk in Beauty":

May you walk in beauty, the Indians say. Beauty has power, beauty is 'medicine,' having the ability to transform, to balance and to heal on a very real level.

Once, climbing the hill behind my house with several Native American medicine men, I found myself struggling with fatigue. One of the men started pointing out how beautiful those lupin were, how intensely blue the sky was, how graceful the hawk...and by the time we reached the peak, I'd forgotten my knees and felt rejuvenated. Healed by beauty. The medicine man smiled; it hadn't been accidental.

With the pain and anger surrounding us today, we mustn't forget that we live surrounded by beauty. Not only in the extraordinary natural wonder of our seas, mountains, deserts and forests, but in the hearts and spirits of those around us. It's hard not to be swept away by the landslide of doubt and danger overwhelming us. Blinded by the darkness of fear, it's far too easy to forget that nature has provided the prefect remedy for us to harvest so close at hand.

The same natural beauty lives inside each of us. We can act in beauty.
*may you walk in beauty*


(from his notes)

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