Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tosca Lee Drops By Writer's Edge to Bless us with Fiction Writing Tricks and Tips

I just spent most of the morning and part of this afternoon at a very special Writers' Edge meeting at my church. Tosca Lee (, award-winning author of DEMON: A MEMOIR and HAVAH: THE STORY OF EVE, flew in from Nebraska and stopped by to share some writing exercises and her own hard-earned wisdom.

The writing classes were immensely helpful. The before-and-after writing samples revealed the true value of everything she taught.

She is a delightful, very down-to-earth speaker who is a delight to watch and listen to. (Someone asked her if she ever thought about becoming an actor, because she's so engaging to watch.) I highly recommend her if you, too, have a writer's group and want to glean great tips and tricks from someone who really knows her stuff.

Although I was familiar with everything she taught (gads, I'd better be! I'm probably twice her age and have been writing for 50 years!), it was great to see how she broke it down and showed how to do it. Then she had everyone in the workshop do it. I'm sure there were a lot of "AHA!" moments today -- where something Yvonne and I said earlier finally clicked and they truly "got it."

I learned quite a lot about how to teach writing from her, too. That's a good thing!

I'm sorry to say I was to busy putting tables away and setting the chairs back up into their proper "Bible study" configuration to tell her how much I enjoyed her class. She was gone before I brought my head up and tuned in again.

Tosca, if you read this: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Guess I'd better shoot her an email, too, huh???


Tosca said...

Kris, it was such a pleasure to be there and meet you! Thank you for the sweet words, and sorry we didn't get to say goodbye!

Kristine M Smith said...

It's okay.... my wounds have healed. All is well.

Love you and cannot WAIT for Iscariot!