Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've Lost Five Pounds Already! And.. I'm a Premier Provider at Elance Now

Good grief! I've lost five pounds in just four days from walking twice a day and playing Wii Fit 1-2 hours every day. Amazing! I'm sore, but getting better as the days pass. Today when I walked the first time I even jogged for about three minutes straight. I figured I could do it since I do it in the house on the Wii Fit program, and sure enough!

Been busy the rest of the time writing non-stop for a client in San Francisco. I'm about six articles away from finishing up her project. (40, 400-word articles on various diversity awareness topics and copy-editing, enhancing and SEO-optimizing her six page website). Whew! It sure keeps my juices flowing, having to create unique articles on similar topics all day for almost two weeks straight! They have to be GOOD articles, so each one takes quite a bit of time to do. So... I feel very accomplished!

I also fitted a press release into the mix yesterday for a fellow in Chicago who sent me a request on Elance to bid on his project. The PR went together very nicely and much faster than usual. It was a God thing, I think... The client gave me a 5-star review! WOO HOO! I think most of my feedback is 5 stars now. They're ALL positive.

In fact -- I forgot to mention this until just now -- I just earned a "Premier Provider" symbol at Elance because of my 100% positive reviews and three certified credentials (from Warner Bros, On-Hold Concepts, and Church For All Nations).

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