Monday, March 16, 2009

OMG! Busy, Busy Girl!

I am busier than a cat covering... than a beaver building... than a bee buzzing... than a deer running...

It's all good! I may make $3K this month as a copywriter at Elance. That means many hours of work, days, evenings and weekends, but that's okay. I'm never happier than when I'm writing!

On Saturday before I went to see Slumdog Millionaire, I went to lunch with a long-time friend. We ate at Applebee's in Lakewood. Neither of us could decide between two of the meals we both wanted, so I decided, "You get that one and I'll get this one, and we'll share!" So we both had shares of pork ribs and steak and prawns. Yummy for the tummy. Then I drank three glasses of raspberry lemonade over the course of two hours, which sent me scurrying to the bathroom after an adequate amount of time (more than once!). (This is more information than you wanted to know, I know.)

This is my last week as a note taker at Clover Park Technical College. The student I've been helping finishes her last course (Medical Terminology) on Friday. I don't have to go in tomorrow at all because it's test day, but I'll be there Wednesday through Friday, then I'm scott free again. It has been a good gig. I like helping people, and "my" student is a real trooper and a fun gal. I'm busy enough via Elance that I don't need to take on another student after this one... I hope that continues!

A temp agency is after me, but right now I can't even imagine working part time anywhere else and still keeping up with my weekly tasks for Elance clients. But it's nice to know I'm in demand if demand for my writing services drop significantly. (Please, God, no!)

I've decided to issue to new De Kelley book as an e-book via PayLoadz or Clickbank when it's ready. That way it can sell online and people can even register as Affiliate Members and get little payments for recommending the book to others. I would love it if readers could also make a little money that way. Let's share the wealth, shall we? If I issue it as an e-book, I can always update it as I get new submissions. I plan to have it available before or on the tenth anniversary of De's passing (June 11th this year).

What else? Not a lot! The weather is rainy and pathetic. We've just run out of firewood, so we hope there will not be any power outages until next fall, after we've gathered wood again because we're running on electricity now. If there is an extended power outage, I'm sure we can get some emergency wood from Sue and George Rebar, so don't worry if you hear of a power outage up here in Tacoma. The wind was so extreme yesterday that I though we might lose our electricity, but we didn't. (And we had wood yesterday. Now we're down to just kindling... lots and lots of kindling!) We now know we have to really fill the shed with wood in order to make it through the winter at this place (because electricity is outrageous). We've been through one pretty severe winter at the new place and know what we have to do to prepare for next winter.

Chop, chop, chop that wood!

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