Monday, November 3, 2008

Whatever God Wills, He'll Take Good Care Of!

It's the night before the American Presidential election. All polls indicate that Barack Obama will be our next President. This makes me very happy, but I know it gives others a case of the blues and a case of the fears.

I just want everyone to know -- whoever they vote for tomorrow -- that God is in control and He is allowing whatever happens tomorrow to happen. That said, I feel every kind of assurance that whatever he allows, he will take good care of. That's been his signature since time immemorial. There is no step we can take, for good or for ill, that He will not bring good out of.

He allowed His own Son to be nailed to a cross -- and look at all the good that came out of that!

So... I hope after tomorrow's election, we'll all try to find ways to heal and to come together and behave like kindred Americans. We're all in this together and the divisions and the paranoia that have kept us apart are illusory.

Let's commit to getting along. If we will just do that, there is nothing we can't do. And it's really all God wants -- that we should love one another, and treat each other well, even when we disagree.

Good luck tomorrow, whoever you support. I am praying a hedge of protection around all of our candidates and their families tonight and tomorrow as they wrap up their campaigns and as they retreat to their respective states to await the outcome.

It's up to us now. We get to choose. What a wonderful, wonderful country we live in, even when it needs a lot of fixing up and re-directing.

It's up to us to decide who to follow. That's HUGE!

The whole world is watching...
...and crown thy good
with brotherhood
from sea to shining sea

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