Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More on "Talking Heads"

You all know where I stand as far as who I think should be our next President, right? (If not, where have you been the last four or five months? Not reading my blog -- that's for sure!)

But I do want to say a little something on behalf of the "distaff" side...

As much as I dislike "Pitbull/Barracuda" Sarah Palin (because she's so disagreeable when disagreeing) and as much as I fear the GOP's arch-conservative platform (as specified in earlier blogs), I do want to say that I think "talking heads" like James Carville blunder mightily when denigrating Palin's belief in creationism and the fact that her church is Pentecostal (which translates to "some people speak in tongues there"), and the like.

I know many perfectly-sane Pentecostals who speak in tongues and many delightful devout people who believe that creationism should be taught along with evolution in junior high classrooms. (Both are theories, both are backed by educated scholars.) So to denigrate Palin for these "anomalies" publicly is to denigrate some of Obama's own supporters. I don't think Carville should be denigrating anyone who might be leaning toward Obama or supporting him outright. That's just an extra wedge that we don't need to drive between people of good will.

It's okay to attack a legitimate issue that may impact our nation economically, security-wise or in some other major way, but the views and beliefs of a religious community should not be dragged through the mud in an attempt to discredit a candidate. (I know, it happens all the time. That doesn't make it right, or neighborly. Remember "Do unto others...?" Get a clue, Carville!) There's plenty of fodder for discrediting Palin without going down this particular road.

I guess some of her public prayers are subject to legitimate inquiry... but then, so would some of mine, and some of yours, be subject to inquiry. Which is why I am loathe to pray in public. God "gets" me ('cause he knows my heart and intent), but I'm not sure anyone else would!

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Carl Rylander said...

That Palin definitely makes me a little nervous.