Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eloquent Acceptancle Speech by McCain Tonight

I wish to God I could agree with McCain's policies, because this elegant, honorable man seems to be in the race for the Presidency for the right reasons. The Republican platform is just too restrictive and conservative for me to support.

As soon as I can find a link to the acceptance speech, I'll place it here:

All voters should listen to both candidates' acceptance speeches and follow closely what they say and do over the course of the next two months as though your country and the world depended on it -- because they do! Visit visit both candidates websites to read their stands on the issues, and then vote based on your best interests and highest instincts.

Both are patriots. Make no mistake.

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Here's Joe Biden's take on tonight's speech by Senator McCain:

"How can John McCain pull us out of the deep hole we're in when he voted with George Bush more than 90% of the time? The American people deserve more than a 10% chance at change. "

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Alas, the choice still seems mighty clear to me...

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