Wednesday, September 10, 2008

In Search of... Rational Voters

This NEWSWEEK article is both telling and damning.

I hope it will create an astute voter (inside each and every one of us) who thinks of our own best interests when each one answers the question, "Am I better off in 2008 (economically, security-wise, etc.) than I was in 2000?"

If it does, I know who will win -- by a landslide!

As Michael Moore says, "When the wrench you're working with doesn't fit the thing you're trying to fix, GET ANOTHER WRENCH. And if that one doesn't do any better, keep looking until you find one that serves your purposes."

The rich people and lobbyists on McCain's team have figured this out already and are voting for McCain; he'll serve their interests, so he's the right wrench for them. The rest of us had better try another wrench -- Obama-Biden -- and soon, while we still enough power to change politics and make it serve 98% of the people instead of 2%!

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