Friday, May 11, 2007

Pastor Alan Meenan's Teachings In Streaming Video Now!

From Pastor Alan Meenan at Church For The Nations In Studio City...

Dear CFTNers,

Ever blown an opportunity that you will never have again? Have you ever lost your "cool" when antagonists push you to the point of retaliatory anger? And when you do explode and people point their scrawny fingers and pontificate that you are just as bad as they imagined, when you provide them with the ammunition they were looking for, when life sucks so much you want to crawl into a hole...then Sunday's message is especially for you as we continue our series on the Acts of the Apostles, Being Real in an Unreal World.

Arguably at the lowest point in his life, the apostle Paul experiences an incredibly splendid thing. His dark prison cell is transformed and his life refocused. Sunday's story is about prisons becoming sanctuaries and dark nights being shot through with the golden glory of the dawn. While he does not escape his imprisonment, God's Word tells us that the plots, the protagonists, the peril, the pettiness and the uncertainties of life are not the last word for those of us who follow the Christ. Ours is the way of glory and of grace. Chuck Swindoll has put it well: the grace of God can overshadow any guilt within us, and the power of God can overshadow any plot against us. I have found that to be exquisitely true in my own life.I want to encourage you to come and be part of our exploration this Sunday. As you know, we will be celebrating Mothers' Day during our time of worship and the children who have graduated from the BEAT class will be presented with Bibles in their own ceremony as part of the Church service. It promises to be a very special day.

You will also want to be aware that Sunday's messages are available, not only on iTunes, but a video recording is accessible now through our website ( It is not the same as worshipping with us, but in the event you are unable to attend for whatever reason, it may represent the next best thing. Sunday's message is always up and available for viewing within a day or two of Sunday's worship. Thanks for being part of our advance of the gospel.

For the Nations,

Pastor Alan

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