Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's Official! Las Vegas, Here I Come! August 11th is my Appearance Date

Just received official confirmation that I will, indeed, be speaking Saturday August 11th at the STAR TREK convention in Las Vegas. (The date has been tentative all this time, not the appearance itself.) Those of you from far away who have been noodling the idea of coming to see/hear/meet me, now you have a date to aim for. Go to the Creation website at this URL to learn more about the Las Vegas convention weekend:

The celebrity lineup is, in a word, vast! If you are a Trek fan, I can't imagine you not having a wonderful time at this event. 12K to 15K fans attend it usually -- so you will meet a lot of kindred spirits and will make friends that will last a lifetime. Go!

Get my book ahead of time and avoid the long line in Vegas to buy it! Order it here at a discount, too:

Okay, I'm getting nervous again -- eating junk food to compensate like it's going out of style tonight...

My friend Val says not to worry a bit -- just imagine the audience naked. HORRORS! Naked Klingons and Andorians? Naked Ferengi? Naked Vulcans? Hopeless.... I'd need CPR!

Come to Vegas -- you may have to hold me up!


Alison said...

OK. BREATHE. Relax. Everything's going to be OK.

And if I were you I'd visualise the naked Vulcans - according to most fanfiction they have the most going for them.

Does that help?

*Impish grin*

Kristine M Smith said...

Not one little bit...