Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday! Hallelujah!

Thank God it's Friday!

Loving my job the way I do, it is rare to find me shouting the above sentiment from the rooftops, but I am weary to the core tonight and am very glad I have two days without a schedule except for church on Sunday morning. (I am looking forward to that, of course. I had to miss church last weekend because my sis and I were in Oregon moving my aunt to Washington that day.)

There isn't a lot to report. One of my co-workers has been sick all week so I have had many more calls to make every day than I usually have (and I usually have at least fifty to make). It got to be a drag toward the end of the week, especially because this was a particularly heavy week writing-wise, so I was scrambling every day to stay caught up. Combine that with moving my aunt and moving my own bedroom to the master bedroom, and it's easy to see why I feel like a dish rag tonight...

My newly-arrived aunt wants her best dinnerware china to be brought to her new abode. I hesitate to do that because her meals are provided downstairs and she doesn't have cupboard space enough to store a six piece dining set. But she insists she will "entertain" in her room at times and will need dishes.

Frankly, I think it's dementia creeping in, because she also wants her end tables and a couch -- none of which will fit in there even using a shoe horn! She will think I'm denying her what rightfully belongs to her if I don't take the dishes, though, so I will take her two of the six boxes and let her put their contents away into the two small cupboards she has. If there is still room, I will bring her more dishes, unless she is satisfied she has enough. (If more than two people visited her at one time, they'd all feel claustrophobic so having four dishes and plates and cups on hand is overkill)

I sometimes think getting old is harder on the people on the periphery than it is on the oldster! You walk on eggshells to keep from hurting their feelings because they ask for such illogical things. And yet you realize, "If I live long enough, someday I'll be that compromised," so you try not to get exasperated, because they aren't trying to be difficult...

She wants to make her new room feel like her home. I can't fault here for that and will do what I can to be sure she can settle in well, feeling heeded and respected.

Someday perhaps someone else will go out of their way a time or two and do the same for me...

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Alison said...

Of course they will. They will learn from your example.

No sure about respect though (heehee).