Tuesday, May 1, 2007

One Exhausted Gal....

Will keep this short tonight because I'm zzzzzzausted.

Last night I stopped by my aunt's residential community to have dinner with her and spent about an hour after that helping her put the lion's share of her clothes away. I took a huge 3' x4' x 3' box of winter clothes out of there to hang in my closets to make way so she could hang spring and summer clothes in her closet.

When I got home I had my own project. The two ministry students I have been hosting for eight months moved out (one is getting married in July and she and her fiance bought a house; she'll live in it until they marry; the other found a house to rent with a number of friends to share expenses, so both are flying free for now) so I spent from 8 pm to 11 transporting all the beds, dressers and clothes out of the guest room (where I have been sleeping) to the master bedroom (where the gals have been) and getting it set up for myself again. Of course, it took hours and by the time my head hit the pillow my legs were sore and unhappy... so I got up and took aspirins, heated a blanket in the dryer and wrapped my legs. Ahhhhh... fell asleep about midnight with the alarm clock on because I had to be up at 6 a.m. to get to a dental appointment at 7 a.m. for a temporary crown to be placed on a front tooth.

Funny story there. The temporary crown was matched for color against the other, movie star-white front teeth and looked so great it was impossible to tell which tooth had the temporary on it. I ate at Subway and had a sandwich with mustard on it. When I finished it, I smiled into the rear view mirror of my car to see how my temporary had done during a meal, AND IT WAS AS YELLOW AS THE YELLOWEST MUSTARD! I shrieked! I drove back to work and scrubbed and scrubbed with my toothbrush to see if I could get the offending yellow to go away. It was an effort, but now it looks just barely off-white... THANK GOD! I will hesitate to eat anything with color now until the permanent crown is placed in two weeks and two days. Live and learn. They told me not to bite into an apple with the temporary but they didn't tell me to lay off the mustard. Not divulging information like that could give a person cardiac arrest!

Today after work I picked my aunt up from dialysis and took her back to Maple Creek, where she ate a little and gave me the rest. Then we went upstairs to her apartment again and I managed to wrest yet another box of clothes from her (winter time), assuring her they will be safe here at my place and she can come by and reassure herself any time she wants to. She smiled and said, "Krissy, I trust you," but I don't think she really trusts anybody... so it was an act of faith that she let me take them away. I'm sure her hubby of 65 years bought her all these clothes and parting with them is liking parting with him all over again. (Johnny passed away eight years ago.)

Had a busy day at work. Tomorrow I get my second shot at creating the production sheet, which is a jigsaw puzzle of sorts that right now is making me sweat bullets because there is so much to think about when creating it, and if I don't get it right it will cost my employer money. (No pressure, huh?) I did the first one without a mistake but it was an easy, straight-forward one, and they usually aren't, but I have to get proficient with them within the next four weeks because one of the other copywriters is going in for knee surgery and that will leave only two of us to carry on until he can get back -- and he usually does the production sheet at least two days a week... so I will be up to bat in his stead in four weeks and have to hit a home run every time out when I do. It should be interesting, to say the least. The head copywriter will keep an eye on me and twist me into shape before then, I'm sure. These gents are superheroes of mine. They'll help me get up to speed well in advance of my moment on stage, I'm sure.

That's it for now. My neck hurts. I need to shut this down and stop looking at monitors for the night!

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