Monday, March 12, 2007

Whazzup, Sugar Pup?

Well... I had to come up with some kind of catchy title, didn't I, or nobody would bother to check in tonight!

I received more comments about yesterday's blog than I expected. One thing is for sure: it's a hot button topic. I think perhaps my English friend Alison (presently living in Spain teaching English) has a better perspective on it than I did, or do. That would figure, since she's a teacher! I would hope and expect that teachers have it over me in the sesos department (brains)!

I am intrigued. Curious. Hopeful. As I quoted in an earlier blog, I am an eternal optimist who daily lifts my head to the heartbeat of human existence. It beats the alternative by a landslide.

I really do think we are going to make it to the 23rd century and beyond as a result of the rapid spread of the Internet and international travel. It's going to be hard to stay stupid about the rest of the world for very much longer.

I know North Korea doesn't allow its citizens any contact at all with the outside world, so it will remain dangerous, maniacal and brain-washed, but most of the world (here and abroad) will begin to see some daylight. When it does, I think fear of the "otherness" of people will begin to fade as we all realize how much we have in common:

A planet. A universe. Souls. Hope. Love. Compassion. Unfounded fears. Founded fears. Families that need to be sustained in body, soul and spirit with food, water, shelter, hope, faith, dreams, goals, plans.

I still believe that most people (and all who are reading this blogsite, for sure) want to make a positive difference, based on their own paradigm and perspective. Sharing paradigms and perspectives without shouting or raising weapons is a good thing.

Call me a Pollyanna if you like. It's better than many other things I could be (and probably have been) called...


Alison said...

I promise you I only have a brain every second Monday of the month. Today, I can't even remember my name, due to waking from a nightmare where I was teaching a class of 40 students who started speaking French when I was teaching the English alphabet and then I realised I had nothing on from the waist down. Do I still have credibility????

Let's have hope. I think it is the most precious thing when all else has gone out of our sight.

"In ša' Allāh" (إن شاء الله) is an Arabic term evoked by Arabic speakers to indicate hope for an aforementioned event to occur in the future. The phrase translates into English as "God willing" or "If it is God's will".

Most commonly written in English as Inshallah. One of my favourite words.

Where you don't have a brain you have a dictionary.

Mark in Texas said...

Hey Kris,

Thanks for giving teachers a thumbs-up. We need all the good press we can get.

Kristine M Smith said...

You'll get it from me!

If not for teachers, I woulda been sunk... and I know a lot of others who feel the same way!

God Bless you!