Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Last night I searched high and low until I found my copy of LEARN THE BIBLE IN 24 HOURS. I'm glad I did.

I hope none of you who ordered it think it will be an easy read. It's easy in one way -- if you are at all conversant with the Bible already, it will be a real eye-opener! If you have rarely or never cracked open a Bible, it will take you a bit of time (I think, unless you're a quick study) to grasp all of the amazing information in it. I just want to give you a heads up on this. It's easier to read than CS Lewis, not as easy to read as this blog. It's somewhere pretty much in the middle. It will be worth the effort -- that's what I can say for sure!

Today I came home with two On-Hold Concepts logo shirts! On-Hold Concepts is where I work as a copy writer. (Here's the URL -- please visit it today and let others know about it: My 3-month anniversary is Monday. The boss told me to see Gayle about choosing some logo shirts to wear out and about, and Gayle tells me I'll be getting some business cards with my name on them soon, too. Ooh-whee! I am so excited!

As you have read in previous blogs, I love my job beyond any ability to express it. The people are wonderful. We all work hard and each of us feels like a team member; we have each other's backs. I mean, even the owners of the place are sterling people. So for me to get some logo shirts tickles me to pieces -- I am one who wants to shout my company's praises from the rooftops!

So... Again, if any of you have a business or know of a business that can benefit from an on-hold program for their phones (or music only/mostly music, or Direct TV programs)please take a look at what we have to offer! If you will request me as your copywriter, you will probably get me! If you're more comfortable with a guy copywriter, On-Hold Concepts has those, too -- and they are great! So whoever you get as your copywriter, you will enjoy the interaction and you will be well-served. I firmly believe we're the best on-hold company on the planet -- our longevity makes this case!

You will get what you pay for: utmost professionalism and efficient, friendly, dedicated service every time you call -- every time! You may be able to find another company offering on-hold productions for less, but most of those who do eventually find their way to us (or back to us, if they decided they could get the same quality product for less and set out to do just that and became utterly disappointed by the copycats who are out there) when the other guys don't respond or fail to measure up to us in the quality department. We INSIST on quality, service and responsiveness. It's in our job description and in our hearts.

End of soapbox, end of spiel. Just know that I believe in my company and wouldn't stay there if I wasn't fully convinced that it's the best place to point people to who need what we offer. One great perk is that I call probably 60-100 people every day during morning and early afternoon hours, which results in a great deal of being put "on-hold" while the person I seek is tracked down -- AND I LOVE IT!!!! To hear the enormous variety of messages, the quality of voice talent, and the melding of ASCAP-provided background music to create an on-hold "experience" for callers gives me smiles. I listen and I know... This company, On-Hold Concepts, ROCKS!

I really must shut up now before the powers that be make me a salesperson rather than a copywriter! (No way! I finally landed a job where I write for a living! Yeee-haw!)

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Alison said...

Well aren't we a happy bunny! I'm very pleased for you. Long may it last. I'd say you deserve every good moment.

By the way, perhaps you should have a word with HSBC (my bank in England). They've had the same crappy song for years and years and it makes me want to die. They forced it on me for ages while I was reporting my cards stolen. It has to stop!!!

Have a good day...

Srta Invierno