Monday, March 5, 2007

Birthday Bummer...But There's Always Hope!

My aunt in Oregon has been moved to a nursing home (or an Adult Family Home) there, so advocating for her will be nigh unto impossible unless she recovers and can be moved closer. It's a four-patient home, not an impersonal institution, so that part of it feels right...

She just waited too long to get things underway, as so many older folks do. I might be the same way if I get to 93. It's hard to decide to make a change as long as one is ambulatory and independent. We tend to think we'll get by as we always have, just a wee bit slower than usual...

I'm relieved that she is no longer by herself. My cousin will pick up her cat and care for him or get him cared for; that is her chief concern. And if he needs to move her out of the rental and send her furniture and personal belongings into storage, he will. It's lucky to have a cousin who is already retired at age 53; he can drop everything and be a hero. I just started this new job and we're allowing vacations for several people right now, so getting away right now is impossible.

As Bette Davis so aptly spoke: "Getting old ain't for sissies."

Today was busy at work. That's the norm, of course (and another reason I like it so much), but today was busier than usual because three people are on vacation, including the head copywriter, so there's more to stay atop for the writers than usual. I think my "roomie" at work is carrying the lion's share of the extra load, though. I'm still the newbie and have enough on my plate generally just to stay caught up with the needs of "my" clients. As I can, I help elsewhere, because I truly work with wonderful, dedicated people and we all care about each other. It's a great team!

I didn't get out to Wal-Mart or Michael's tonight. Will try to do it tomorrow. Those gift cards are burning a hole in my wallet! I have plans for those cards...

Our older sis Laurel got us hooked on card-making (using stamps, watercolors, appliques and such) Christmas before last. That's why the Michael's gift card resonates with me so. I get most of my card-making supplies there.

She got Jackie and me gifts of a two-hour stamping class in Olympia and we've gone into it to the tune of several hundred dollars each. At the price of a card these days, I suppose the expense will balance out... except that I tend to send e-cards these days because the cost of cards and stamps is so high. NEVERTHELESS, I love making cards. It relaxes me. I've come up with some pretty nifty ideas, too. Does anyone else out there in blog-land enjoy scrapbooking or card-making?

Laurel wanted to get me a massage as a gift last year. I said, "No way!" Gads, if I liked that as much as I like stamping, I'd have to declare bankruptcy-- because -- duh! -- guess what? I probably would like it, even though I'm not much of a sensualist...

Besides, at my age getting massaged would embarrass me. I have too much skin in places where it shouldn't be (having lost over 100 pounds in a year's time several years after the elasticity of my skin was a happening thing) -- and appendages that gravity has really hammered.

And that's more information than you really need to know about me, so I'm shutting up for the rest of the evening and pondering what kind of message to bring to this blog tomorrow.

It won't be about massages or appendages, I promise!


Alison said...

A Serval on one end and Doctor McCoy on the other? Nearly fell off my chair laughing! It's like having your soul on a banner!!! ha ha ha

Alison said...

A Serval on one end and Dr McCoy on the other? I nearly fell off my chair laughing! How perfect. It's like having your soul on a banner. Excellent.
PS, This process of commenting comes up in Spanish by default (but not De's fault ha ha) and so if my comment come out wrong it's because I have no idea what I'm doing!