Thursday, April 30, 2009

DeForest Kelley's Home Still Exists -- in Cyberspace!

Although the Kelley home was sold and torn down following Carolyn's passing in 2004, the realtors who sold it have kindly left the listing in existence. So if you ever wondered what kind of home the Kelleys had, you'll be surprised to discover how small it was and how un-Hollywood-like.,GGLR:2005-52,GGLR:en%26q%3D15463%2BGreenleaf%2BStreet%252c%2BSherman%2BOaks%252c%2BCalifornia

When furnished, it was the most comfortable-feeling home I ever walked into. It felt familiar and "like home" the moment you entered.

I wish it hadn't been razed to make way for a McMansion, but buyers aren't sentimental in the least, in most cases. In fact, they may not even have known whose home they were buying...


But do enjoy the only tour you will ever have of the home!

P.S. I'm very much looking forward to finding out what Karl Urban has done with the reel McCoy this time around. I'll be seeing the movie opening weekend (next weekend) and blogging about it afterward. I expect good things, based on all I've read, seen and heard.

P.P.S My newest De Kelley book, the first edition of THE ENDURING LEGACY OF DeFOREST KELLEY: ACTOR, HEALER, FRIEND will be ready in time for the tenth anniversary of De's passing (June 11th, 2009). In fact, except for a final proofreading and deciding on its "carrier" (Payloadz or Clickbank), it's ready NOW! So get the word out, and let Trek folks and reporters know that I'm available for phone interviews about it...



Anonymous said...

It is a nice house. I hope they keep it on the internet. I recognized the one of the doors in there that DeForest was standing in front of... :)

Anonymous said...

I think he had a nice modest home. Judging from his home he didn't live beyond his means and had a home that took care of all his family's needs. I to hope they keep the listing up forever. Here's to ya "Bones"! May you and your wife rest in peace.

Jeff Bates
Atlanta, GA