Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Gary Seven Comment Was Deleted...

Had Gary Seven (not his real name, but his TREK name) been less intemperate when he commented on Senator Obama's social platform/agenda in a comment on this blog, I would certainly have published it. But he came out swinging, no-holds-barred, and pretty much accused anyone who supports Obama of being a socialist, or worse. Which I'm not.

So Mr. Seven got deleted, as he expected to be. But not because I wanted to "silence" him. Not at all. I'd like him to try again.

If he'd like to read my earlier blogs re Obama -- and other folks who disagree with me but do so with love, respect, and a sense of fair play-- I will be happy to air his opinion. But not when it's offered as a bludgeon...

I thought Trek fans believed in "infinite diversity in infinite combinations." Guess not!!!

An appended notation from Alison Winter, after reading this entry:

"Take care - and GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, my parents were both quite 'Socialist' in their outlook. I've never heard of someone being accused of being a socialist like it's a bad thing. I always thought it meant you supported equality and were against poverty. Just wondered why that guy used it as a dirty word...!

My response: Socal justice bothers some people, is my guess. Some people like seeing other people worse off than they are. I have never been that way. Glad you feel similarly...

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