Saturday, July 12, 2008

An excerpt from NEWSWEEK.... Obama Smears Still Polluting Voters' Minds...

The following is mighty disheartening:

"The new poll suggests white voters continue to be a challenge for Obama, with McCain leading the Democrat in that category 48 to 36 percent. Some of Obama's lag in white support may be explained by continual confusion over his religious identity. Twelve percent of voters surveyed said that Obama was sworn in as a United States senator on a Qur'an, while 26 percent believe the Democratic candidate was raised as a Muslim and 39 percent believe he attended an Islamic school as a child growing up in Indonesia. None of these things is true. [Emphasis mine.]
Finally cracking the code with less-educated whites could have a big payoff for Obama: 85 percent of undecided voters are non-Hispanic whites and only 22 percent of those undecideds have a four-year college degree."

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For the full NEWSWEEK report, you can visit this link:

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Reports of Obama "flip-flopping" are simply ludicrous. I've followed this campaign (both sides, Dem and GOP) from the outset. Obama has not substantially changed his stance on any of the issues. How people can think he has surprises me. The spin-meisters, of course, are busy trying to make it seem so... and a lie repeated often enough seems true after a time.

If he seems a little more "center of the road" than in the past, that's just the growth spurt he has had during the course of the campaign. He still believes what he has always believed: that a change is needed in the nation so that every American family has opportunities and safeguards without respect to their income level, color or creed. He has adapted his message to reach the undecideds named in the article above, but he has in no way "flip-flopped" on any of what he believes.

He's still in there fighting the good fight. What surprises me most is that the people presently most wary of Obama have the most to gain from on Obama presidency. He has always been dedicated to standing up for the people who work their butts off in coal mines, factories, warehouses, and coffee shops. Charges that he's an elitist are pure bunk.

Please don't let the spin-meisters knock you off-track. Keep the faith. If we don't stand behind and support Obama, very little of what needs to be done (to recover from the past eight years of pathetic policy, and to turn the corner on corporate and lobbyist influence) will be done in the very crucial years immediately ahead of us.

Obama cannot stand alone. He'll only stand because the American people have had enough of the "trickle-down" theory. The trickle stopped a long time ago, if it ever was a viable theory at all. Now the middle class and poor are just being pissed on -- and those of us who are pissed off about it (in every economic category) must stand up and vote for the change it will take to turn it around.

I know politics is a dirty game, but the crap being spread about Obama has been pervasive enough to convince a lot of people that he's somehow "dangerous" -- and that is beyond dangerous! As I reiterated via the AARP article recently, it takes an educated public to discern between the truth and the fiction that's out there regarding the candidates.

Barack Obama is a patriot and has the interests of the American people at heart. He's not flip-flopping. So don't believe it, no matter how many times the opposition pundits declare it!

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