Sunday, March 16, 2008

On a Sad Note ... Jennifer Cuellar Has Passed Away

Jennifer Cuellar

"To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord."

The beautiful person in this photo went home to be with the Lord yesterday morning after more than a year battling leukemia. We miss her terribly, even though we know she's dancing with Jesus as I write this!

Jennifer Cuellar occupied (and transformed) the cubicle next to mine at Church For All Nations. She was in her mid-20's and as utterly dedicated to her mission to God as anyone else I have ever known. There were times I'd arrive a half hour or an hour early -- or come back to work later at night -- and she'd already (or still) be at her desk, working away, or discipling a Core student, or in some other way making sure things happened far beyond what is considered (even in church circles) to be a normal business day. And she nearly always had the smile you see on her face in this photo (which I took at the Zetterberg's beach house one day in July about two or three years ago).

What you see in the photo is exactly who she was. I think she was a bit shy, but she didn't let it stop her from doing what Jesus called her to do (the Great Commission he called all of us to do who know Him as Lord and Savior). She had a beautiful voice and used it to speak and to sing about salvation, grace and love.

She frequently left notes of encouragement on each of our desks, letting us know what it was about each of us that she thanked God for when she prayed. And whenever she knew we were going through a trial, monumental or minuscule, we'd hear from her that she was praying for us, always through that sweet, shy smile.

She was -- and will remain -- a light in this world for those fortunate enough to have been in her presence even once.

Please pray that her twin sister, Frances, and the rest of her family will experience the "peace that passes all understanding" even as they go through the grieving process. May they understand that Jennifer's days on earth were numbered from the foundations of the earth and that she wonderfully fulfilled her purpose in the very few years she had in which to make a difference while still in the flesh.

Her legacy will live on in the hearts, minds and ministries of all those who knew and loved her.

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Anonymous said...

All of us here at Good Samaritan Hospital will remember Jennifer's warm smile and positive attitude, she touched everyone she came in contact with and will be missed.