Friday, March 14, 2008

McCain Comes To Obama's Defense -- What a Gentleman!

Thanks to Billie Rae Walker for this:

"Hi Kris....

"I thought you'd be interested to know that, during an hour-long TV interview yesterday evening, John McCain strongly came to Senator Obama's defense re: the current "uproar" about his pastor...... stating that each of them [the candidates] have supporters whose ideas the candidates themselves may not be in agreement with. He also stated that he considered both Democratic candidates to be people of integrity, and that this campaign should be a respectful debate re: differing ideas and visions for America's future [not personal attacks].

"When I watched the news today I only saw one mention of Senator McCain's defense of his fellow Senator..... so thought I'd pass this on to you [in case the news stations continue to not cover it / of course it's not argumentative enough to make sensational "copy"for the news].

"I hope people will listen to him and stop the attacks on one another..... but unfortunately I'm afraid they won't heed his advice. Hope all goes well there.....

Billie Rae

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