Saturday, March 15, 2008

Billie Rae Weighs In On McCain and History...

Billie Rae Walker has this to say about McCain. I respect and will publish all thoughtful comments re the front runners. As I say, we all need to think this out and vote for who we believe will carry our country forward in the most responsible way. Bille Rae believes in a strong military and fighting aggression "over there" before it comes to our shores, as delayed response can be horrendous -- and I get that. WWII showed that in spades. I don't think either of the Democratic candidates will "sell the farm" to aggressors -- I just think a Democrat would have attacked Afghanistan and gone after bin Laden where he was instead of heading to Iraq... but that's all water under the bridge. Billie Rae makes some good points, to wit:

"Senator McCain believes that if we quickly bring all our troops home and/or advertise a timetable for withdrawal, it will result in genocide [as it did in Vietnam and Cambodia], and that "they" will follow us home. I'm afraid that history agrees with him......

Just as history ultimately proved FDR right about our needing to enter the fight before it came here [and it came---to Pearl Harbor]......and proved President Reagan right about a very strong defense being necessary to combat the Soviet Union. I didn't think I would live to see the Berlin Wall come down, but thanks to him I did.

I believe in the equal worth of all cultures [I'm an anthropologist after all], but if another culture desires the destruction of my culture I really don't want to wait until they arrive on our shores again.

In many other matters Senator McCain really is a Moderate...... which the interviewer last nite was giving him a good natured hard time about, telling him that sometimes he sounds like a Democrat [and sometimes he does..... which is fine with me as a lifelong registered Independent]. His views on some things, such as Immigration and undocumented aliens ["They are also God's children"] really upsets the very conservative Republicans; that, and the fact that he often works "across the aisle" with Democrats. Many of the Conservative talkshow hosts still won't support him.

I respect his dedication to stopping earmarks that are added to legislation, and the fact that he has never taken any earmarked funding for his district. I still need to learn more about his plan to improve health care coverage for every American; and how he intends to contruct his plan re: not raising taxes.

Whatever the outcome, I'm encouraging my students to register and VOTE, whomever they vote for...... I don't remember another election as interesting as this one in many years. And they'll not likely see another one like it for quite awhile either.

When the candidates start campaigning I'm hopeful that they'll come to Upstate New York so that we can get a chance to see/hear them in person. I had a chance to go to one of President Reagan's campaign stops, but work interferred...... I wish I'd been able to attend.

Will you be involved when/if Senator Obama comes back to your area ? Are his supporters in your state organizing for the general election ? In three weeks we'll see how the voting goes in Pa.....perhaps then there will be a clearer picture re: who's the likely Democratic candidate. It's quite a contest......

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