Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It’s monsoon weather! Gads, it has been years since it rained this hard up here all at once. The wind is blowing, too, so sometimes the rain goes sideways… Sure am glad there are such things as warm houses. I don’t think a cave would be my first choice during weather like this!

I’m pretty sure Jackie and I won’t be getting the "Kelley-like" duplex. The seller is dreaming to think she can get what she’s asking for in this market, especially in the location it’s in.. but let her continue to dream: it will give me more time to sell my condo and I won’t have go bargain basement with it to make a deadline…

I’ve lost about five pounds over the last week or so. Haven’t been trying, but have been so busy and have been watching what I eat, so reckon it’s a natural occurrence. I hope it continues… I would love to lose about 30 pounds.

There isn’t much other news. I’m tired. The long night-time hours of fall and winter at this latitude make me feel like a bear: I want to hibernate about mid-afternoon, which would be detrimental to retaining my job… drat!

Alison Winter will be here in a few weeks. That’s a bright spot on the horizon. I just have to remember to go get her when she lands on the 23rd!

She’ll be in America until mid-January but probably not with me (or Jackie and me, if I sell the condo before we find a duplex) all that time. She’s planning to fly all over, meeting folks I know (and that she knows) who live in various parts of the country. She’s looking for a possible place to land where she can get a job and also get into acting. That probably means LA, Chicago, New York or Seattle – oh, or Hollywood, but that’s the last place people should go to get discovered – because everybody goes there to get discovered, so it’s the biggest crapshoot in the country. LOTS of talent, limited spots to fill.

Canada is also blossoming as a creative area. There are many production companies working in Canada. I can give Alison some names and ideas, but that’s about all. I think she’s great and will vouch for her. She’s a lovely gal – people would enjoy knowing and working with her – and that’s important to employers in any field.

I wish her well. She has to stay strong and keep motivated. Don’t think I could do that as an actor. I’m too easily hurt by "rejection" even when I know it’s nothing personal, as it usually is in the acting business. You have to have the hide of a rhinoceros to volunteer for frequent rejection. I can hardly handle it when I’m job-hunting for a long-term, permanent job. Imagine having to go job-hunting every few weeks unless you land a contract on a series that becomes a hit?

No, thank you very much…

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