Saturday, October 6, 2007

Decisions, Decisions...

90 minutes stand between now and a 1 pm appointment at Les Schwab to have two new tires put on my car and the others rotated. My decision is this: Shall I work in the garage some more (did so this morning for a while) or write the Saturday blog?


Guess I'll write the Saturday blog while I figure out which is the wiser of the two choices. :)
Works for me! hee hee hee

This morning I drove to Midland (about six miles) to watch grandniece Casey and her team (Casey will be seven on November 22) play soccer. It was my first time watching them and it was a blast. She has five more games this season and I will try to make most of them.

The whole family turns out for these games: Grammie Jackie and Grandma Sue, Grandpa George, Jackie, Phil, Wendy, and wee Jamie Lee, Casey's little sister. Jamie joins the team for the warm-up session and for the "bridge" session when the two teams run through a "bridge" made of parents and other supporters.

Casey did a fabulous job and her team mates are also very good. The other team didn't score any points -- I think Casey's team scored 10 or 12 in the 35 minutes they played. No one actually keeps score at this age -- it's just all in good fun and a training time as well as playing time.

It's easy to tell who's in the game to please their parents and who's in it to have a blast playing the game. There's one little lady on Casey's team who, I'm told, plays every sport with utter aplomb and great delight -- and she's very, very good. She isn't self-conscious or looking for shouts of encouragement or applause. I can envision her going into some sport as a career: she just loves it!

Jackie was going to drive here after Casey's game and help me move a dinette set out, but we're re-thinking that for now, so the plans fizzled. This leaves me with less room in the garage to futz around and re-organize stuff. My plan was to get pretty much the same-size boxes and fill them, then stack them neatly against the walls, so that people looking to buy the condo could actually get some idea of how large the garage is. Right now stuff is pretty well organized but there's a lot of it. The better part of me wants to donate a lot of it and "simplify" -- which would free up a lot of room in the garage, for sure. To do that, I would have to divorce the "sentimental hoarder" in me, who thinks that every item ever given to me or bought by me should be preserved and cherished till I die -- at which time the less sentimental in my family can go through it and throw stuff out that nobody else wants. I realize the sentimental hoarder is largely nuts. So I am going to see if I can convince her to less loose of things that a less-well-off person would truly use, need and cherish in a daily manner, rather than keeping stuff hermetically sealed like a fly in amber. There is no need to keep stuff I will probably never use.
This is only logical. (Spock, thank you.)

OK. I've made my decision. I'm going out into the garage now and start looking at what I can donate to Goodwill. Yes. Good for me. I feel better now.

I just have to remember to keep my eye on the time so I don't forget the 1 pm appointment at Les Schwab. Multi-tasking is a dangerous proposition on weekends. I get so wrapped up
doing what I'm doing that I forget about time.

I will put a bothersome sign around my neck to remind me. That oughta work!

More later. Or not.

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