Monday, May 21, 2012

Confirmed: I'll Be Talking About Writing and the Writing Life with Casey's Class


Wendy just called to say I'll be talking to Casey's class about writing and the writing life early in June. That's ENORMOUSLY exciting to me. I'm really looking forward to it. There is so much more need for writers now than there was when I was a kid... today's kids who love to write won't have to worry about IF they'll be able to find work, as long as they work hard to get really, really good at it; there will be plenty of opportunities out there.

I wish my newest book would be out by then, but Casey can take it later on and share it with the kids who show a real interest. It'll be helpful to them.

In Other News:

I'm reading C. Hope Clark's new book,LOW COUNTRY BRIBE, and freaking out because I haven't been able to finish it in one sitting. Deadlines have interfered. I usually don't read fiction, but in this case, I'm delighted I am. It's a real page turner. I told Hope I might have a stroke before it's all over. Just when you think the main character will get some relief, something else happens. I can see this as a movie. It probably will be someday! Yes, I encourage you to get it and read it.

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