Thursday, September 15, 2011


To my complete surprise, my two grand nieces, 7 year old Jamie and 10 year old Casey, prefer the longer version of our two SERVAL SON YouTube videos.

That surprises me because I was thinking the shorter, "flippier" video would appeal greatly to the younger set.  When I asked them why they preferred the more sedate version, Jamie said, "It touches my heart better."


Now I know why so many advertisers take time to gather and listen to focus groups!  What we think someone will prefer is often based on the broadest of assumptions.

Kids want to feel something, too. It isn't all about razzle dazzle and cutaway shots.

I thought the song BLESS THE BEASTS AND THE CHILDREN would create the emotion. I thought that because Karen Carpenter is singing about beasts and children in the song, kids would prefer it. 

All righty then. I stand corrected.

I really don't know which of the two trailers I like best. Except for Casey and Jamie, no one else has let me know which is their favorite.  I wish y'all WOULD. Then I would know which one to show in public. I have them both on DVD.

Right now I just alternate them every 10-15 minutes or so.

Will you give me your opinion?  Teens and adults are my target audience for the book, so I hesitate to move based on my grand nieces' preferences!  I need some older folks to chime in and let me know your favorite of the two...

Ready, set, go!  I stand by to note your responses.  And if any of you feel you can do a better job, I can give you access to the photos and my One True Media account and you can have at it.  (There's no payment. I want to make that clear!)  That would be cool!!!

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