Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Just Had a Terrible Thought...

If the DEMS don't keep control of Congress and keep moving us up and out of the ditch we're in, literally millions people who are now hanging on by JUST a thread (and I'm among them) and praying for deliverance will have the carpet pulled out from under them with absolutely NOTHING to look forward to. In addition to being strapped financially, they'll be strapped emotionally and perhaps spiritually, wondering how God could allow such a thing.

I think if we don't maintain hope and recovery, the suicide rate will skyrocket. I don't think the GOP is thinking about that at all.  In fact, I wasn't even thinking of it until sometime late last night when I was still smiling from the hope and present and future plans we heard at the rally.  It suddenly occurred to me, "What if the electorate voted to REVERSE/REPEAL everything this Congress  has done (despite lockstep opposition by the GOP) to put us into forward motion again... What if, after all this, we end up back at square one where the big wigs are calling the shots, repealing oversight and regulation...

It would be utterly devastating to a population that has been thisclose to despair for so many years.  I think losing this time could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

The rich folks can take care of themselves with a few pinches to their pocketbooks here and there.They aren't on the verge of catastrophic failure -- at least, not any more, since we bailed them out on the backs of the rest of the working people. And instead of expressing gratitude and a little humility, the bonuses are soaring again, they're pouring billions into scaring people into thinking it's the DEMS who orchestrated the nightmare we're just now coming out of.

Yes, there is some blame to share... but the lion's share has been the doing of the elites and their demand for increasing profits at all costs. How rich do the richest 2% of Americans have to be before they think about the rest of us as something other than "human resources" and consumers? 

How long will be before the powers that be no longer call all the shots?

They don't, you know.  WE do. It is our votes that control THEM, and only our votes. I think it's time to vote for what will benefit the greatest number of Americans.  Democrats work on behalf of ALL Americans, not just a small segment.  It's time the GOP and uber-rich did, too. 

My hat is off to Bill Gates Sr, Bill Gates Jr, Warren Buffett, and the others who realize that with every blessing comes a responsibility to our fellow human beings on this planet.  It may be old-fashioned in this new "What's in it for me?" world, but it's good to be good.

It's time for voters to get a little more selfish and vote from a perspective of "What's in it for me?"  The GOP and their rich lobbyists have been doing it for years.  It's time to level the playing field and tell the present Party of No and the Party of Tea "HELL NO!" -- in a nice way, of course: WITH OUR VOTES!!!

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