Thursday, April 15, 2010

Congrats to My Friend Joy Shayne Laughter!!!

 I got this email just a few minutes ago!

To all my friends and beloveds,

Perseverence pays, persistence wins, when the journey becomes the goal, the goal does finally arrive -- !

Today I signed a contract with a for-real publishing house to publish my first novel, YU. It is the first of a character-driven mystery series, coming out in trade paperback.

Official release will be in October, with advance availability starting this summer. (Kindle owners, heads up!)

So if you blog, review books, have a radio show, belong to a book club, work at a bookstore, or are connected to people who do these things, TALK TO ME! I am in charge of the marketing engine, much of which will take place online, but starting in June I will be putting out press releases, blogging on my own web site, and asking for mentions on readers' social networking sites. Advance Review Copies will be available in June.

THIS IS MY PATH! I am so happy!

Love and fireworks,


A Ross Lamos Mystery

By Joy Shayne Laughter

An award-winning tale of forbidden love, intrigue, betrayal, and murder in ancient Imperial China, that plays its final act in 21st-century America. Art dealer Ross Lamos finds himself unwillingly included as a karmic detective in the sweep between past and present.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Please join me in congratulating Joy. Buy the book!

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