Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nightly News

The walk around Waughop Lake this afternoon was a real eye-opener.  Mary Jane is a birder so I learned to tell the difference between different species of ducks, cranes, and other birds...  shovelers, wood ducks, creepers, great blue herons... 

Mary Jane says Waughop Lake (near Pierce College -- nee Ft Steilacoom Community College back in the day) is the best place in Pierce County to go bird-watching.  It was just full of feathery "folk"!

She headed back about a third of the way around (she's recovering from hip surgery) so Judi and I went the rest of the way around, walking faster and seeing less as a result.  But it was a terrific time, whether we were going fast or not-so-fast.  I wish I had taken a camera.  Next time!

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