Friday, March 5, 2010

Lunch With Mary Jo Today

Mary Jo treated me to lunch at The Ram. She also spoiled me with a few little birthday goodies, some edible, one for the puppies (that the puppies may never see because I love it so, and because they're little teeth might rip it apart, which would not be a good thing because then they could swallow the pieces and get sick). SO I GET TO KEEP IT -- AT LEAST UNTIL THE KIDS SEE IT AND TRY TO ABSCOND WITH IT.  It's a ball that lights up when you bounce it... rather addidtive, if you ask me!

After lunch we walked around Waughop Lake (twice) while we looked at birds, dodged other walkers and their dogs, and caught up on each other's doings. The time went too fast, but we both had to get back to work.  Alas.

Tonight Phil and Wendy and the girls are coming over and we're having pizza for dinner. I hope I'm hungry again by then. I only had half a sandwich and half a salad at The Ram, but it's staying with me, even after a two mile walk...

Tomorrow I'm having lunch with Yvonne at Red Robin (I have a free birthday coupon there) and Tuesday I'm having lunch with Pastor Pat Leksen at Shari's Restaurant.  I'm already stuffed just thinking about it all!  This is what happens around birthday time. After that, it's back to once every blue moon... which is a good thing or I'd be bigger than I already am!  LOVE the camaraderie, though, if not the calories!

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MJ said...

I enjoyed the lunch, walk and visit too Kris!!! Wish we could find more time to get together and chat! especially if we walk and check out the birds!!